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Receive top-notch medically used goods such as Picosecond Laser Machine, H2O2 Hydra Facial Machine, Portable Tattoo Removal Machine, etc.
About Us

Many industries, including medical, have profited from the newest technological advancements by developing unique and improved solutions. Our company, Biowave Health Care studies the latest advances in the medical field to serve the industry with highly efficient solutions as a manufacturer, supplier and trader. Since the commencement of our business in the year 2003, our quality-assured medical solutions such as CO2 Laser Fractional Machine, Automatic Dermatology Chair, Breast Development Machine, H2O2 Hydra Facial Machine, Electric Tattoo Removal Machine, etc., have gained utter recognition in the industry. In addition, to guarantee that the largest number of customers approach us for quality assured medical solutions, we present all of our products at the most economical rates. 

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Our Team

Our great team, which successfully manages all activities, has been our primary support system. Our team consists of a broad set of industry professionals with extensive experience in the medical field. In addition, the following elements are taken into account by our team:

  • They conduct thorough research and analysis and continue to develop cutting-edge medical solutions.
  • They ensure that the assembly line is uniform throughout the facility.
  • They monitor every stage of the manufacturing process to guarantee that the highest quality standards are maintained.
  • They are well aware of the preferences of customers and aim to deliver the best service possible.
  • They are focused on completing each and every customer request in a timely manner.

Quality Control

For a company dealing with medically used products, quality control is an important factor. Similarly, quality is highly prioritised in our company and we ensure it in all of our medical products. Before being made available to clients, our complete range of medically used goods which includes Automatic Dermatology Chair, H2O2 Hydra Facial Machine, Electric Tattoo Removal Machine, CO2 Laser Fractional Machine, etc., is thoroughly inspected to ensure that they meet the highest quality standards. The packing of the products is also of high quality, ensuring that they arrive to the customers in perfect condition. Overall, our quality control measures have helped us serve our customers and the medical industry with the best.